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Simplify Storage Infrastructure

How does StorONE Simplify Storage Infrastructure

Simplify The Infrastructure, Not The System

Most vendors, both software-only and turnkey, take a system-centric view of storage. They may indeed simplify storage, but only for the workload, they target. IT professionals end up managing seven or more different “simple” storage systems because none of the systems can address all the use cases.

A Platform Approach to Simplification

StorONE S1 isn’t a storage system, and it isn’t software-defined storage (SDS).¬†S1 is a storage platform¬†that can address all of the organization’s storage needs (all-flash, hybrid, HDD) across a variety of protocols (Fibre, iSCSI, NVMe, SMB, NFS Object). One platform for all use cases means you only have to learn ONE interface and feature set for all your storage needs.

No Performance Workarounds

One of the biggest challenges facing IT is working around performance limitations. Databases files are put on separate volumes to eliminate contention. Virtual machines (VM) are put on different datastores (manually) to meditate conflict. Some vendors deliver a quality of service feature to allocate their limited performance capabilities. What if there was more than enough storage performance at all times? At a price, you can afford? That’s StorONE’s S1. Efficient performance that simplifies storage management, while keeping costs down.

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